Common Name: Basil

Scientific Name: Ocimum basilicum

USDA Hardiness Zones: not applicable, grown strictly as an annual

Approximate number of seeds per gram (ounce) : 550 (16,000)

Sun: full sun

Water: keep soil slightly moist during germination, do not overwater

Soil: sow at 1/4 inch deep in moist, well-drained, slightly acidic soil

Temperature: 20 to 25 degrees Celsius (68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit)

Spacing: 1 inch spacing in rows, thin to one plant every 12 inches about 24 to 36 inches between rows

Germination Time: 7 to 14 days

Basil is one of the prime ingredients in pesto and caprese salad among other Italian dishes.  Basil is best used fresh before the plants begin to bloom.  To keep plants bushy and new leaves, growing, it is recommended to pinch off flower buds as soon as they are visible.  During germination, it is important to keep basil seeds and seedlings just barely moist.  Any excess moisture can kill off the seedlings.  Once established, water basil as necessary to avoid wilting.

italian large leaf basil

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